The USGA mission is to champion and advance the game of golf. The Green Section contributes to this mission by supporting and conducting research and creating and distributing solutions, through innovative services and tools, to golf courses, clubs, and golf associations that make golf experiences better and reduce the consumption of critical resources. To learn more, visit usga.org.

Funding Opportunities:

1. The USGA Mike Davis Program for Advancing Golf Course Management is a grant program that funds non-biased, university research for a healthier environment, community, and playing conditions for the game of golf. The annual call for proposals opens each April. More information is available through the program website below.

2. Additionally, STERF, the R&A, and USGA have created the International Turfgrass Research Initiative to develop turfgrass research projects with global significance. The USGA is hosting the cooperatively funded initiative on this site. The request for proposals will open in May 2024, and more information is available through the program website below.


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